"Coco, Felicite, St Pierre, Aride, Cousin, Sisters, La Digue"

We propose a wide range of excursions. Barbecue on the beach, sailing, snorkeling, island hoping, big game fishing …just to name a few.
For a day or more, one can cruise and visit the inner islands of the Seychelles.
Below are a few short descriptions of some of the islands.

COCO ISLET, FELICITE ISLAND AND THE MARINE PARK OF ST PIERRE have an abundant marine life and are the ideal spots for snorkeling and underwater photographing.

ARIDE is a natural reserve for numerous endemic birds, plants and other animals.

COUSIN’S NATIONAL PARK consists of many local bird species and beautiful long white sandy beaches.

THE SISTERS AND LA DIGUE ISLANDS are well known for their tranquil, laid back white sandy beaches and impressive granite rocks, which cover the islands. On La Digue, you can walk, hire a bicycle or ox-cart to visit the island which is only 5 km long/ 3 km large and taste the excellent creole cuisine.

* Sunset cruises are available by arrangement.

** Lunch (which can include BBQ or creole dishes, fresh marinated fish, fresh fruits, salads….) and drinks (soft drinks, alcohol and cocktails) are all included in our prices. Breakfast and dinner are also included in the price for more than one-day trip with the exception of landing fees.

It would be our pleasure to accommodate any particularities at our clients request.

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